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Into Foreign (and Familiar) Places

July 27, 2010

Our friends Kyle and Andrew are somewhere between here and Uganda for a month-long trip to Africa, splitting their time between Uganda and Malawi, two countries that our church community has invested in for the past ten years. While there, they will be building an internship program from the ground up, pursuing leads for a human rights initiative, helping distribute mosquito nets, and otherwise changing the world. Here are some of their thoughts as they prepared to leave.
For more, click their names to read the whole post at their respective blogs.

Kyle: (on his first trip to Africa) “…as the little boy sitting behind me looked out his window he kept saying ‘look mom there are so many soccer fields’… Of course a rectangleishly shaped green plot of land bordered by either roads or trees looks like a soccer field to a little boy, because that’s all he knows to associate it with. It reminded me of the idea that we only are able to think and live with what is familiar to us…As I travel to foreign places I’d like to think I am arming myself with new ways to view and think about the world, about life.”

Andrew: (on his return to Uganda) “I wish I could describe a bit better of how I feel getting ready to return. Ironically, as I left Uganda last year I asked myself if I could even return again without staying for an extended period of time. Two months was just enough to start scratching the surface of the culture, way of life, mentality, everything. I imagined a two week trip or something shorter than a few months would be a bit of a painful disappointment. But I was only setting up a wall that would surely be toppled down. I’m obviously returning to Uganda just for 2 sweet weeks and I could not be more thankful. We have a few goals and things to hopefully accomplish but more than that I cannot wait to see those that I deeply love and be apart of the beautiful work they are doing for their communities.”

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