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Grow Up

June 29, 2010

by Scott E. McGhee

Community is a big buzz word these days. Everywhere you go, whether religious or not, people are talking about it – building the ideal community, what community should look like, or how they do not think that something in the vein of community can ever actually be achieved. We are told that God exists in perfect community with Himself and that He desires that same kind of community with us, but with all of this talking, can community actually exist? Is it all just talk? Read more…


The Importance of Being Faithful, part 1

June 22, 2010

by Jeremiah Kim

All of us want to live meaningful lives. And my guess is that, where we given the opportunity to seal our legacy today, we would go incredible lengths, sacrificing all of the non-essentials to achieve our life goals. But what if our lives meaning look longer to find and form? What if it took a lifetime? Read more…

Characteristics of Effective Mentorship (from Randy Elrod)

June 15, 2010

The idea of mentorship as a vehicle to have a sizable impact on the communities that we’re a part of is something that I’ve been thinking a lot about in recent weeks and I thought these observations were brilliant. – Jeremiah

Click here to read “7 Characteristics of Effective Mentorship” on Randy’s Blog.


June 8, 2010

by Kyle Healy

There is nothing new under the sun. Really. That iPhone 4? Not new. Shrek Forever After? Old. While it may be hard to swallow, I have come to the realization that there is nothing original. To quote John Piper there are ‘only endless repackagings’.  Read more…

Through the Lens of Autism

May 25, 2010

by Jeremiah Kim

A year ago I started at a community-based inclusion program for school-aged individuals for autism. Being my first in depth exposure to the population, I sought out and internalized plenty of tricks of the trade to ensure my success as a coach. Yet one year out, and upon further reflection, I find myself in possession with deeper life lessons that have transformed the way I perceive the world and the company I keep on it. Read more…


May 18, 2010

By Andrew Ruiz

Hi my name is Andrew and I am an Alchemist.  What? Did you feel like you were stepping into an AA meeting all of the sudden?  Weird.  Well you’re not.  I am an Alchemist, not an Alcoholic.  I am however about to divulge some about my life to you though. Not easy though, since your definitely not sitting in front of me repeating your name and your vice. Read more…


May 18, 2010

by Marc Wallis

How do we determine if something really mattered?  If it had any weight, or impact or significance at all? Read more…