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We would love to have you a part of our community, and being a part of it is easy – just send us your thoughts! Before submitting a piece of work though, we ask that you glance at some of the guidelines and disclaimers below to make sure that what you’re submitting is appropriate to what we’re trying to do here. We look forward to hearing from you!

– We are open to reflections, reactions to events, critical work of anything culture related, and poetry – all through the lens of transformation and growth. While we may also occasionally post something humorous/out of left field, we desire the majority of the content on here to be challenging, life-giving, and encouraging.

– Depending on the form, a nice range for a post might be 400-1000 words.

– We may or may not choose to edit your content for brevity or clarity but in doing so, our priority will be to maintain the integrity of the piece. Your piece may also take some time to appear on the site. Please be patient.

– We reserve the right to not posting any piece for any reason. But we’ll try to let you know why and how your submissions can be better suited for this space.

– Send submissions to:

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